Philippe Briand, Naval Architecture and Yacht Design

Born in La Rochelle, France and now based in London, Philippe Briand has been designing boats since childhood and remains fired by a passion for performance, while his artistic flair ensures that they also look beautiful in the process. Philippe was already an accomplished dinghy sailor when he started his yacht design career at the age of just 16 with an IOR Quarter Ton design. At the age of 18, an apprenticeship with Swedish designer Pelle Petterson gave him invaluable experience of America’s Cup designs and series-production sailing yachts opening a new world of advanced hydrodynamics, tank testing of hulls, computer aided design and production engineering. He went on to set up his own company in 1978, since when his career highlights have included winning the 1983 Half-Ton Cup and the 1984 One Ton Cup in yachts of his own design. Later he designed two of the three yachts in the victorious French 1991 Admiral’s Cup team and went on to design for the French and Swiss America’s Cup teams while also designing ever larger series-production His breakthrough to sailing superyachts came in 1995 when, following a design competition, he was chosen to design the ground-breaking and award-winning 44.7-metre Mari Cha III and later, Mari Cha IV – new and truly lightweight, high-performance cruiser racers that launched him into his current success with sailing superyachts. Motor yacht design was a natural progression, and a passion, in which he drew on his deep understanding of advanced hydrodynamics to create the efficient and elegant hull designs appropriate for an age where excessive fuel consumption is perceived to be anti-social. Three of this series of ‘Vitruvius’ designs, a 50-metre a 55-metre and a 73-metre , are afloat while another 58-metre and a 80-metre are currently under construction.

The common denominator of all Briand designs, both sailing and motor, is their efficiency and elegance, combined with the fact that, apart from interior decoration, every yacht was completely designed by Briand and his team. Few of today’s designers are able to claim that they have 12,000 such designs afloat today .
Philippe designs sailing boats ranging from 12m to 70m.